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NO. I am available to visit any property listed on MLS® in the greater Moncton area with you. This is a good "get to know each other" time. You do NOT have to sign a Buyer's Agency Agreement to visit properties with me. At some point you may then want the full benefit of my professional services such as advising you about the value of a property and preparing an offer. A written Buyer Agency Agreement is then best because you will have decided to enter an agency relationship with me representing you. There is NEVER A FEE TO BUYERS when you engage me as your buyer's agent. I will be paid at closing by the listing Agency and I will fully disclose to you what amount is being offered to a selling Agency before you make any offer.
First Time Buyers have lots of questions and need a reliable, competent source for the answers. Your home is one of the biggest financial commitments you'll make in your life. It's very important to get all the facts so you can make informed decisions. My knowledge of real property and the market will impress you, I guarantee it! I am confident you will find I will be your most important assistant when buying a home.
The most important thing that Buyers need to establish is:
Do you want to have your own real estate agency working on your behalf?
You can  benefit from having your own agency. You figure it out. The Seller is paying the listing Agency an amount, whether the listing agency actually brings the buyer or another Agency represents the buyer. Sellers factor this amount into what they will accept for a purchase price. This reflects on the price YOU will pay. So you might as well have an Agency on your side, working for your benefit and not the Seller's !
Agency Law- Who Represents Whom?

In a routine real estate transaction, a real estate agency normally represent the party who has signed an agreement with them for a specific purpose, i.e. selling a home. In the past most agents and their salespeople working with buyers were in fact agents of the seller. This meant that although they had treat buyers honestly and disclose any known defects about the property, they were required to work in the seller's best interest. It is up to you to decide how you want to be represented. You have the right to the Undivided Loyalty of your own Agent, a Buyer's Agent

Buyer Representation

As your Buyer Agent, I will:

1. Meet with you to determine specific housing needs and budget.
2. Provide mortgage qualification assistance to facilitate the mortgage application process.
3. Conduct on-going search of housing availability, through the Multiple Listing Service®.
4. Schedule appointments and accompany you on all property showings.
5. Complete a professional comparative market analysis on any home selected for purchase, providing factual data on recent comparable sales to assist you in the offer and negotiation process.
6. Assist you in structuring an offer to purchase and represent your interests in all negotiations with the seller, maintaining absolute confidentiality.
7. Schedule appointments to provide access to the property for inspectors, appraisers, repairs etc.
8. Manage the closing process, from contract to closing to ensure that all necessary documentation is completed and available before closing date.
9. Follow your instructions regarding any transaction, providing such instructions are legal and ethical, and maintain confidentiality.
10. Disclose to you all known facts that could affect the transaction.
11. Provide you with copies of all documents.
12. Accompany you at the final inspection just prior to the closing.

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